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14 November 2016
The Shakespearian Rail Tour

27 October 2016
Isle of Wight Revisited

19 September 2016
Latest 50 Year blog

13 September 2016
Steam to Exeter in 1966

13 September 2016
Southern Steam in 1966

13 September 2016
Flying Scotsman in 1966 




I am writing a series of articles which will be linked from this page. 

50 Years is a series of articles that look back at the railway scene towards the end of steam. The latest articles can be found here.

Then and Now is a photographic feature that show how some things are unrecognisable with the passing of time whilst occasionally there are timeless scenes.

Then and Now special articles look back at some of my railway trips in 1966 and 1967. Current pages are:

Dorset Belle revisited - retracing part of the route of the LCGB rail tour on the 27 February 1966
Eastleigh - revisiting Eastleigh station and works
Devonshire Rambler revisited - retracing part of the tour route from Waterloo and Exeter
Summer 1966 - Southern steam in Dorset and Hampshire in August 1966
Farnborough Flyer - Flying Scotsman's visit to Hampshire in September 1966 
Isle of Wight - My visit back to the island 50 years after the end of steam in 1966
The Shakespearian Rail Tour
- a review of the 1966 "Shakespearian" Rail Tour and this years Vintage Train's "Pannier Rambler" Rail Tour both taking place on 12 November but 50 years apart. 

My articles related to radio and training will be found on the Action Broadcast Company website.

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