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The passangers seem oblivious to the steam engine

Time for tea


Loco Crew

The modern railway

21st Century Waterloo - clean and efficient

Time Warp - China Clay train in Cornwall

Time Warp - Country Branch Station

Railway infrastructure at Rottweil

Water Cranes and Hard Work

The steam and smoke of a working engine shed

The steam and smoke of a working engine shed

Morning preparations

Landscape 1- The Welsh Borders

Landscape 2- East Anglia

Landscape 3- An Essex River

Landscape 4- Hadl;eigh Castle

Landscape 5- Viaduct

City Landscape 1- Peterborough

City Landscape 2- Battersea

City Landscape 3- Cannon Street, London

City Landscape 4- Rooftops of Nine Elms


Morning Mist

Morning Frost

Afternoon at Poole


Evening Silhouette

York at night


Manipulation - Darkened to highlight the silhouette

Photo Manipulation - Scrapped in 1968, 34013 'Oakhampton' is resurrected in 2007

Photo Manipulation - The real 34013 at Nine Elms in 1967
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