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'Love Where You Live' Competition - May 2008

During the 2008 broadcast, Redstone FM teamed up with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and the Redhill, Reigate & Horley Life newspaper to run a competition. Clues were broadcast on Redstone FM and published in the Life newspaper with those who submitted correct answers being put into a draw. The French restaurant, Le Barbe, provided the first prize. Set out below is the text and pictures taken from our web site at the time.

 Reigate and Banstead

How well do you know your local area? recently ran a competition to test your local knowledge. We sent five of our presenters out to local landmarks. Below are the clues given plus pictures of the five locations. How well did you do? The winner was announced on Monday 26 May 2008.

St John's Church, Redhill
Built in 1843 on a prominent site on a spur of the North Downs (Redhill Common), the church is a landmark that can be seen for many miles around.

St Johns Church, Redhill

Nigel Fitzmaurice

The clue:
Nigel Fitzmaurice, "I am standing beside a place of worship perched on a hill just outside Redhill. This distinctive monument can be seen for many miles around. What is the name of this building?"

Wray Common Windmill.
Built in 1824 the windmill changed use to a general agricultural building in 1895. It became a private dwelling in 1966 and following a change of ownership on 2004, has undergone major restoration. Most recently, mock sails have been fitted.

Wray Common Windmill

Anne-Marie Evans

The clue:
Anne-Marie Evans, "I am on a common overlooked by Reigate Hill. At one end of the green open space is a former working structure that is now a private residence that sails no more! Where am I and what is this building?"

Reigate Castle Grounds.
Reigate Castle was originally built in the late 11th century as a ring-motte and bailey earthwork. The stone castle was built in the 12th century but demolished after falling into disrepair in the late 1600's. The mock medieval gateway was built in 1777 as a folly and is one of the entrances to the gardens that now exist on the castle site.

Reigate Castle folly

Johny Cassidy

The clue:
Johny Cassidy, "I am up on a hill away from the bustle of this particular town. There used to be a castle but now just peaceful gardens and a folly. Where am I?"

Belfry Shopping Centre, Redhill Town Centre.

Belfrey Shopping Centre, Redhill

Tess Lewsey

The clue:
Tess Lewsey "I am at the heart of this particular town outside a place where the bells toll and where it is just possible you could shop until you drop. All the big stores are here and it's the place to come for the theatre and cinema. Where am I?"

The Inglis Folly (on Colley Hill).
Colley Hill, adjacent to Reigate Hill, is managed by the National Trust. "The Inglis Folly" was donated to the Borough by Lieutenant Colonel Inglis in 1909. It was originally a drinking fountain but now houses a direction indicator.

The Inglis Folley on Colley Hill.

Des Shepherd

The clue:
Des Shepherd "I feel like I am on the top of the world. Looking south I can see in the distance the South Downs with a hint of the English Channel. Looking to my right, Leith Hill stands proud. Behind me is a folly - once a drinking fountain but now a shaded structure where the walker can take a rest. What is the name of this folly?"


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